As website designers and developers we believe in the importance of working as our clients’ business partner. We create the proper design and execute that design in a way that will serve the client optimally. Our goal at the Holtz Group is to treat our each of our clients as individuals. Provide one-on-one support by offering a variety of website design and development services. We provide website consulting, website design, programming, optimization, maintenance, ongoing support, and hand holding. We provide the expertise to get the job done. We strive to provide our clients needs in creative, cost-effective ways by helping to enable them to attain their goals and ensure that the desired results are achieved.

We have been in business since 1999 producing countless websites in that time for a group of clients that range from professional service providers to manufacturers and community groups and events.

We can create the look for your business or build on the branding you currently have.

We believe if we build the web site properly it can grow with the needs of the client. The website should attract search engines without expensive services. Our client’s websites rank high in searches due to a collaboration determining exactly how they want to be found in searches and taking the proper steps to make that happen. Our goal with any project is to execute the project it in the most timely and cost efficient way possible. Our passion is to do this all in a creative fashion that achieves our goals and makes our clients happy.

From proper site design and architecture to hosting we offer all the tools you need for success

What is the Holtz Group

The Holtz Group was founded as 5207 Inc. in 1999 by Scott Holtz and has been helping small and medium size businesses find their way to the internet ever since.

Scott is an advocate for small business. Having served on the Skokie Chamber of Commerce board and currently on the Rogers Park Business Alliance board he has a passion for supporting the “small guy”.

We are known for taking the jobs the big guys wont touch or you cannot afford the bid they offer. The second client we ever took on is still going strong and has provided us with a number of other projects. 

How can we help you?